“God has used the ministry
of Teen Challenge to forever change my life”

My father gave me my first drug when I was 12 years old. It was Ambien, and that was the first night he raped me. After that, I was tormented by the thoughts of what happened to me. I feared judgment from my mother and friends, so I suffered in silence for years. The day after my 16th birthday, my father was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. 

I grew into a violent criminal ... and eventually, an inmate at an Adult Detention Center. But Teen Challenge Rhode Island took a chance on me and welcomed me with open arms. Since being at Teen Challenge, God has saved me. I have developed a passion for street ministry. I identify with those who live in darkness as I once did, but now I live in the light and can share the Hope of the Gospel with them.

God has used the ministry of Teen Challenge to forever change my life. Even the courts have witnessed my transformation, and all six felonies and six misdemeanors on my file will drop upon completion of the program and after two years’ probation. That is the power of God.   I am now becoming the mother, wife, and woman God always intended me to be. Today, I walk in freedom with Christ Jesus.


Resurrection & Life for Mike ...

He was born in South Korea ... adopted into a loving, Christian home in America ... and grew up with a heart for Christ. But life got in the way — and sinful choices led Mike down the devastating path of addiction. For six years, he struggled with addiction. He lost his job, his home, the respect of his church, and finally, his family. The substance abuse continued to progress, until he overdosed and suffered a heart attack. But God, in His mercy, intervened and saved Mike’s life, leading him to Teen Challenge Massachusetts in Brockton, MA ...

Today, God has given Mike a new start ... and a fresh purpose. After graduating Teen Challenge Massachusetts, he was accepted into Northpoint Bible College ... and has completed his first semester. Mike is a living testimony of the power and love of Jesus — and the support of friends like you. Please partner with us again today to see more lives like Mike’s saved and resurrected by the power of Jesus Christ!


From Death ... To Abundant Life Thank you for your powerful ministry through Teen Challenge

It began innocently. Steven never saw addiction coming. When he broke his back at work, he was put on prescription pain medicine to help him cope ... soon, the pills weren’t enough. He turned to heroin to get by. Things got bad fast.

Steven was high when his dad — his best friend — passed away. He couldn’t even answer the phone calls for one last goodbye. When Steven landed in prison, his already strained relationships with his children were destroyed.

“Upon leaving prison, I had a choice to go back to the old life or go to Teen Challenge and start living,” he says. “I’m so lucky I chose life over death.”
By God’s grace and thanks to your proven Teen Challenge ministry ... Steven is a different man today. He’s a new creation. Living an abundant life, free from addiction.

Thank you for making Steven’s transformation possible. Your generous support, in prayer and giving, is changing lives!


RESURRECTION & LIFE for the broken and addicted —In Her Own Words—

 “My name is Taylor. I’m 15 years old. I came to Bloom a few months ago and I was angry ... angry that my grandma died and left me so alone ... angry that school was too hard and I felt like I was falling behind ... angry that my dad was never there for me. I was just angry all the time and my parents didn’t know how to help me. I was headed for destruction.   Then they found Bloom. 

When I came to Bloom, the staff immediately began to help me break down my anger. They always were there to comfort me, to give me advice and give me Scripture to rely on. Now, instead of hearing that I’m ADHD, depressed or anxious, I hear that I’m a Child of God, daughter of the King and ‘made in His image’! I am getting ready to go home and I can’t wait to grow my relationship with my family and trust that God has a plan and a purpose for my life!”

This is the beautiful ministry you are a part of through your prayers and support. Thank you for changing Taylor’s life and restoring her family. And thank you for what you’ll do again today for another individual in need.

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